Friday, January 31, 2020

No Spend Check in 4 + Best Tips

Well it's the last day of January! Time for my final accountability check in.

Eating out: 1 Silver Fox, 1 Wyoming Hot Wings, 1 Mcdonalds, and 2 Wendys trips. 5 weeks, 5 times out. Goal accomplished!
Spending Money: Today I bought both my kids a piece of clothes from the clearance rack at Target. Did they need them? No. Is that a fail. Yep. But let me tell you, I hemmed and hawed over the prices and what they would wear them for. That is not something I've always done in the past. So overall the purpose of the no spend was pretty successful, and my whim purchases were WAY down. But I definitely failed this week between those pieces of clothes and the one pair of shorts I purchased for myself- I have no defense on those- just a pair of designer shorts I wanted for 1/3 the price.
So to recap, this whole month I bought a planner, the 2 kids items today, the shorts, and a few cheap thrift store items/books. I spent under $100 and while maybe that's normal for other people it was a win for me!

Things that helped me:
-Unsubscribing from emails!! Wow I didn't realize the temptations they posed until they weren't there anymore.
-Accountability on my blog and Facebook page. And maybe it's sort of backwards, but when I didn't care that someone would judge me for breaking my "no spend" then I knew it was a purchase I loved enough to be worth it!!
-Staying busy (especially with my January Jumpstart tasks) aka not online browsing
-Setting financial goals. I have real plans for 2020, and those things cost money. Stay tuned.

January Jumpstart:
I look around my house and I have to admit it was successful. While it is nowhere near perfect I go to bed with a clean kitchen every night, and I absolutely LOVE it. I dealt with mail, paper clutter, hospital bills, my messiest room, and came out on top with routines. I decluttered and downsized where I could. The next thing I'm working on is USING UP PRODUCTS. I have a lot of great hair, body, makeup, and bath products that I love and chose to keep, but now I'm focusing on using up stuff so I can have a more manageable amount. I typically tend to cherry pick around my products so everything is like half gone, but now I'm being a lot more intentional about what I use so I can use it up! :)

PS be on the lookout for a fun February Challenge tomorrow if you enjoyed this one! :D

xoxo, Love.Haight

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