Saturday, January 25, 2020

January No Spend- Check in 3

This week was a very successful week! While I did have a pretty large grocery bill to feed all of Vivi’s guests at her 2nd birthday party, and spent $25 bucks on balloons and goody bags for the kids, It was a lot of fun and definitely the sort of thing you want to spend money on (ie spreading joy)
I haven’t shopped for myself and there were definitely some very tempting things. (In particular a pair of shoes I wanted that sold out last year that I found half off on Poshmark in my size!)

Wanted to share with you something I learned this week. A gal I follow on Facebook posted an image that said, “Want to waste 10,000 a year? Spend 27.39 every day on miscellaneous spending.”
Impulse spending: a $5 Starbucks, a $10 toy for your kid, a $30 dress... things add up so quickly!
I like that this no spend has me being very intentional with my spending! And we paid all of Marlin’s hospitals bills this month so I feel good about the lack of frivolous purchases this month.

Other goals:
Eating out: we went out to use my birthday discount at my favorite restaurant. We had a gift card as well. Cost: $0 We did also go to Wendy’s. I told my husband I wasn’t supposed to go out twice and he said Silver Fox was free, so it didn’t count. Whatever lol!

January Jumpstart: took somewhat of a backseat prepping for Vivian’s big day. But I am very pleased with what I’ve accomplished this month!

xoxo, Love.Haight

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