Sunday, October 1, 2017


Blogtober... what is it? Sounds like a blog post every day in October. Can I do it? Maybe. Maybe not.

Originally I started Love.Haight to be about fashion. Which I really do like... but now my expanding waist line has dampened my love of shopping, and impending motherhood has my priorities shifting. I don't want to quit my blog, but I am starting to think I need a new direction. The goal... blog every day in October about this and that. Maybe it will be clothes... maybe it won't. But it would be lovely to see where simply posting takes me.

 I reckon few will read these posts... I don't have photos to go along with this one and I bet other days won't have them either. I guess at this point, it's not about followers, and readers, and collaborations. It's back to the beginning- back to the drawing board. It's about finding my voice again and my niche on the internet.

Come along if you wish.


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  1. Thats really bold and brave of you to start something just because you want to do it. not everyone have the courage to do something you know have to do lot of struggle and work . so i say keep it up.


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