Wednesday, September 6, 2017

A Love.Haight relationship: Baby Haight

I stopped blogging in June. I didn't really post on instagram all summer long, and there is one really easy explanation for that. I've been sicker than I've been in my whole life. All for this:
We are over the moon excited to be parents. We've always known this was what we wanted; I just wanted to finish my Master's first, and get some teaching under my belt. Baby will be here January/February of 2018 and we simply can't wait. 

But pregnancy was HARD. Harder than I ever anticipated. Morning sickness was more like all day sickness from week 5 to 18. The only word I can think to describe it is desperation. I desperately hoped and prayed for my health to come back. Friends said week 12, then week 14, then week 16, and none of those weeks were better. I didn't know what to do. I was no longer living a normal life. Blogging was beyond out of the question. Eventually I did feel better (week 18) and could stop taking the anti-nausea medicine that helped me not to barf all day long. 

I know that some women struggle with infertility and would have done anything to be in my position. But in my extensive research trying to see what I could do to feel better I ran across some of those moms who had struggled with infertility who felt much the same way I did. Who were dealing with nausea and vomiting at the peak I was, and had immense guilt over how much they hated being pregnant. Recently I watched a little series called, "I love my baby, but I hate pregnancy." It made me feel so much better to know I was not alone. Being miserable has nothing to do with the love you have for the life inside you. 

I already love my baby more than I can say. But those 13 weeks were the hardest thing I've ever done. and that is OKAY.

Happy Wednesday, y'all. <3 div="">


  1. Oh, congrats to you!!! How exciting! I haven't been blogging all that often since June, either, for a similar reason, though I'm probably a month or so behind you, haha! Funny how the blog sort of falls off the table...

  2. you are such an amazing person with a beautiful min.d i am sure that your kid is going to grow up to be as beautiful as you not just in body but also in mind. keep updating


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