Monday, October 9, 2017

Blogtober- Goals

The idea of goal setting is a little intimidating to me right now. I have a baby on the way, so it is easy to say my biggest goal is getting them here safely to have and to hold and to love on for the rest of my days. But I still have 3+ months until that moment arrives. And one of my biggest life goals is on the back burner, where I set it years ago when I went to college and pursued an education degree, strove to be a good teacher for 5 years, and then went back for my Master's Degree in English.

I want to write a book. 

There... I said it. It's out there. I am working on a novel right now, and have 3 chapters done. But unless I make it a priority it is never going to happen. Even if I get rejected a couple times from publishing, at least I would have finished and tried right? That has to be better than always wondering "What if?"

So how to make this a goal a reality?

First I have to actually commit. Even right now as I type this I am reminding myself of my responsibilities as a wife, a teacher, a volleyball and basketball coach. Even though I know I have the time. What about those endless hours of Netflix when I'm tired on the couch? Could I not be typing then? 

Next I have to write. I have to write every week, most likely every day. The story and characters and plot lines need to be orbiting around my head gaining momentum and clarity.

Finally, I have to schedule. If I make a schedule and stick to it, I can complete the thing. I wrote an 80 page thesis and graduated a semester early from my peers. Not because I was smarter than them (FAR from that) but because I committed the time and made working on it a habit and a priority. Why can't I do that with something fun? It seems I can.

What do you want to accomplish??


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