Monday, September 4, 2017

Recent Beauty Tries

I've picked up a couple of new beauty finds over the last couple of weeks (ahem* months) and thought I should share.
In the top left is Casey Holmes' Spotlight palette of highlighters. I really love this product! 
The top right are Tarte Tarteist Metallic Eyeshadows, and they are amazing!! I love the color payoff and they are nearly foil eyeshadows. I picked Poker Face and Grind. At 14 bucks a pop, they aren't drugstore cheap, but they are great to hit a free shipping while still getting a great product.


Then I took advantage of some of Ulta's great deals. This was a buy 2 get 2 free, and they have this promo running right now! These eyeshadow primers are very good. I think they work as well as Urban Decay. And for 12 dollars a piece (with freebies!) they are about half the price. 

My two freebies were the brush cleaning mitt and cleanser 
This Mary Kay charcoal face mask was a nice treat from a Mary Kay consultant I know. It dried nicely on the skin and I loved how smooth it made my face afterward. Do some damage on great skincare on her site HERE.

Have you tried anything you like lately?

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  1. I always looking forward best cosmetics product for my skin care.The two freebies like brush cleaning mitt and cleanser is very useful for me.I hope that this Mary Kay charcoal face mask was a nice treatment for getting rid of black heads.


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