Monday, March 13, 2017

Recent Beauty Products I'm Loving

Wet and Wild's Mega Last Liquid Catsuit Liquid Lipstick:

These lipsticks are amazing! I got the shade Rebel Rose, and I love how it looks. Here's me using it (sorry for the silly photos)

 It isn't too far from my natural lip color and it fades nicely instead of being splotchy. It's long lasting and I never have to worry about it being on my teeth. It isn't sticky, which I love, but it is a bit drying. (Not too bad though) Best of all? It's only 5 dollars!! I'm in love with this product! Click here to look through shades!

Dr. Teal's Foaming Bath:

I'm officially obsessed with this bubble bath. Not only does it smell great (I love a similar scent from Bath and Body Works) but it is incredibly bubbly and has epsom salt put in. I've really struggled to find a super bubbly bubble bath that I love. And it is less than 5 dollars for a huge bottle. Like-what?! Insanely awesome. I will be repurchasing a million times over my lifetime.

Moisturizer + Highlighter combination:

Lately I've had really great luck with this combination. I take one squirt of moisturizer and one of the liquid highlighter, and together they give me luminous, dewy skin. It is inexpensive and makes my dull morning skin glow. What more could you want?
Below I've linked the exact moisturizer I use and a similar liquid highlighter to mine. (Sadly the Boots one has been discontinued)

Marc Jacob's Highliners

I wrote a blog post about how confidence boosting eyeliner can be HERE.
There's lots of color options. Check out shades here:

Target Beauty Box

For only 7.99 how could you go wrong? Not only did the box come with 7 items, there is a 3 dollar coupon for your 15 dollar beauty purchase. That will certainly come in handy!
This is what was included in this month's box. I love that it isn't a subscription so you can pick the months you're interested in and skip the ones you aren't. It's also cheaper than birchbox and the like since it's drugstore. I am most excited to try the Jergens wet skin Natural Glow lotion. I think it will be great for saving time. I was especially pleased by the lipgloss. I was shocked by how much I loved it when originally I couldn't have cared less it was in the box!

Full list of products!

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