Thursday, March 16, 2017

$12 Karen Walker Sunny Dupes?

We all have that mental wish list of items we would love to buy. One of my top items was Karen Walker Sunglasses. I think they look so good! But they are super pricey. However I found a similar pair for WAY less, and thought I would share.

The Dupe: 

Buying sunglasses can be kind of tricky online. Showing people what they look like is kind of awkward, but I figured it might help you decide if you want to buy them! They're only $12 and have free shipping. Score. Returns are free as well- so if you decide they aren't for you, you're good!

I love the side view. (Maybe no one else cares about the side view. haha!)
Angled and front views- The blue/green color is pretty intense. I think they would be my dream pair if they were plain black. I love the tortoiseshell design! 
Verdict: Because of the price, they are definitely worth a shot! 12 dollars is much cheaper than 150! I would definitely prefer black lenses to the mirrored lenses, but you can't have everything in life right?! ha! You can find them here 

I hope this post helps!

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  1. Such a cute pair of sunglasses, I LOVE Nordstrom!!
    xo, Syd


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