Saturday, March 11, 2017

How I Really Afford My Shopping Addiction

I have a serious love of online shopping. I get a huge rush from buying things, and a rush waiting for them to arrive, and another rush from trying all my new things on when they arrive. It's so addicting and I always come back for more. But affording it is a whole other thing. So... how do I do it?

Well for starters, it seems only fair to tell you that truthfully I probably don't afford it. I could be saving up for important life events or traveling to exotic places. But honestly? I like to shop, and so I do.

Rule #1
The most important thing to remember is a 4 letter word... SALE. Unless you can get an item on sale, you don't buy it. Simple enough. It's not hard to find sale prices on items, or to get a sale price using a promo code. Using sites like RetailMeNot are great ways to find deals, but I like to use Ebates (see below) because the promo codes and cash back are all in once place. Which brings us to Rule #2

Get "cash back" on your online purchases. Using Ebates is an amazing way to get money back on purchases. I've been using it for nearly a year and have already gotten over 100 dollars back. Use this link to get a 10 dollar bonus on your first purchase!! :)
Ebates Coupons and Cash Back
If you're still curious about how it works, here is a look at some of my quarterly "paychecks" From Sephora, to Eastbay, Nordstrom, Old Navy and more- this is a great way to save even more on your deals.

Rule #3
Be willing to let things go. Many times I afford to buy new things by selling old things. I like to sell old shoes, handbags, and jewelry on eBay. Name brand things do really well for with resale value. Last spring I bought a new blush bag by selling one of my Michael Kors crossbody bags I wasn't using a lot.
This is an example of what I'm selling right now. Justin boots, NARS, Kendra Scott, and Lia Sophia. (Not pictured- a rare print of Lularoe leggings)
Take lots of photos, write a good description, and maintain high ratings, and the sales will come! :)

Specific Money Saving Examples:

1. I saw a pair of pink Nike shoes on Instagram, and decided I wanted a pair. So the hunt was on. I found that there were a couple of retailers selling them online. Using Ebates, I found that one of those retailers had a 15 percent off coupon, free shipping, AND 7% cash back through Ebates.

Original Price: $85.00
- Discount using code from eBates: 12.75
-Cash Back through eBates: $5.25
Final Price: $67.00
Total Savings: 21%

2. Kate Spade bag
Original Price: $378
Sale Price: $190
25% Discount code: $142
-Cash Back from Ebates: $4.99
Final Price: $138
Total Savings: 63% 

3. Last spring I was able to afford a couple Kendra Scott Jewelry pieces because KS had a deal going for a pair of free earrings for every 100 dollars spent. I bought 3 things and got 2 pieces for free, so I sold a few of the pieces and was able to pay off most of the rest of my purchase. eBay was awesome for this!

What are some things you do to save money while shopping?
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  1. Man, you got a much better deal on those shoes than if you had to buy them full price!


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