Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Wonder of Eyeliner

I honestly hadn't worn eyeliner in a long time. It simply seemed like more work, time, and effort that I didn't have. But then I got sent 2 complimentary eyeliners from Marc Jacobs through Influenster. Putting them on boosted my confidence more than I would have thought! Highly defined eyes, certainly helps a girl out! 
I received two brown shades to test out: brownie and earthquake. They are long lasting and pretty smudge-proof, so that was great. They also are twist-up, so #byebyesharpener. I certainly love that convenience. 
My selfie game was a lot stronger with the liner on my lids and waterline. I think the brown is more natural looking than the intense black I used to love in college. I'm certainly a fan of these products and thought it was worth a blog post!

You can get some for yourself here :)

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