Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thursday Thoughts with MelonKiss

Sometimes you just really, really love a TV show... And sometimes you really just need to show that love with your outfits. 
Thursday nights are for wine and Grey's Anatomy! I can't believe season 13 starts today. Talk about a show with longevity.
I love this sweater with the OG crew from Grey's. How convienent that it's perfectly soft and comfy to wear for Netflix marathons. Get one HERE or browse all Melon Kiss' selection of fun quote tees and sweaters!!
Thanks so much to this amazing brand for sending me this comfy sweater to watch grey's in. Trust me- you need one!
In other news we are headed to Vegas tonight. I am sooo looking foreward to reading The Woman in Cabin 10. :) I love that vacations mean reading time on the plane and by the pool. Woohoo!

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