Monday, September 19, 2016

Dancing Down a Dirt Road

Life is beautiful, you know? So why not dance down a dirt road. These are some of the final shots that Emily at Daydreamin' Engineer took for me before moving to South Dakota. *tear* I loved this place to take photos this summer. 
This outfit was a bit outside my comfort zone, but very fun to wear. My navy and white bubble skirt with my new favorite olive green button down from Express.
This army green shirt is here (plus a similar green shirt)
Totally love this shot of the dust rising in the background. Boy do I love my Wyoming home.
 Thanks Emily for the photos! Good luck on your new adventure. Check out her blog here!
 photo Signature_2.jpg


  1. That last shot with the dust truly is amazing.

    Sara Kate Styling

  2. Thank you for all the love :) we'll still have some shoots! Maybe a fun wintertime one since its right around the corner!


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