Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Road Trip Stop - Terwilliger Hot Springs

There is nothing quite like a long soak in natural hot springs. Maybe it's because I spent 12 years of my childhood in Thermopolis- the "World's Largest Mineral Hot Spring," but I find it to be very refreshing. Finding a hot spring was the number one thing on my mother's road trip vacation bucket list. Enter Terwilliger. 
We were driving through Oregon's Willamette forrest when my mom was using the app Trip Advisor, which I highly recommend for road trips. Suddenly, she spotted that Terwilliger Hot Springs was only 2 miles away. "Quick- turn around" she yelled. I turned the car around and took a side rode up a mountain. As we climbed, we were treated to some stunningly colorful views. Cougar Dam was epically blue.
The play of yellow, orange, and green was like a watercolor painting.
We then had to hike down into the springs. The view is tree filled, and frankly, quite magical. I wouldn't have been surprised in the slightest to see a fairy flutter out from somewhere. However, the only thing that made an appearance was a baby snake off the path. I didn't scream. Good job me.
The springs themselves are 5 rock lined pools that descend down into the forest. They get cooler and cooler as you move down from the top. The first one was so hot, I climbed in and got right back out. I felt like I was boiling. Yikes. The good news is there is a cold spring running right along next to the hot pools.
At the spring you can dump cold water on yourself, and it. is. so. refreshing!!
I totally loved it!
I couldn't really photograph the pools in all their glory, due to people using them. And for this reason below...

Things to know if you are considering a trip to Terwilliger

1. It is clothing optional
I honestly thought that most people would forego that option, but it is the norm. You do need to be aware that people are in the nude, so if you get uncomfortable easily, or you have young children, it may not be the place for you. 

2. There is a dog station nearby the hot pools for your convenience.
3. The elderly
My 81 year old grandma was able to safely get in and out of a couple of the hot pools - with help. If you are bringing older people, make sure you will be able to help them in and out of the pools. There are no handrailings and the rocks can get a little slippery. 

4. There is a 6.00 per person fee
5. The Rules List:

All in all, we had an amazing time seeing the scenic views of Cougar Dam and the beauty of Terwilliger. As you can imagine, we had a bit of a laugh over the nude springs later, but honestly enjoyed ourselves.
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  1. wow, what an adventure and lovely time spent with 3 generations of ladies.

  2. wow, what an adventure and lovely time spent with 3 generations of ladies.


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