Thursday, August 25, 2016

5 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Designer Handbag

Tory Burch Mini Thea Backpack
 Buying a new handbag is not like buying jeans or shirts. Handbags/purses last for years and years, and therefore often cost a bit more, especially when buying designer. To help you make the best decisions, it's helpful to ask questions of yourself before you purchase to keep yourself from buying something you will regret later. I recently found this Tory Burch backpack bag for more than half off. I had been eyeing it for a couple weeks when it went on sale. I was so excited! Luckily it actually fulfilled all the questions I like to ask!

 1. Have I thought about this purchase?

When buying something expensive like a new handbag, you should probably plan it out in advance. An impulse buy is something you have seen only once and immediately get out your wallet to purchase. While that is fine with shopping most of the time, it probably shouldn't fly when you are spending 100s of dollars.

2. Do I already have something in this shade/color?

I am notorious for having one thing I am loving and then buying everything in that color. I've done it with black, mint, blush, etc. A good rule of thumb is to only have one bag in black, brown, and nude/white. When you start getting more than one, it's time to reconsider the purchase.

3. Do I already have a bag that fulfills the same purpose?

Bags have purposes, whether it is for evening use, day use, travel etc. If you have bags that fill every need, you don't need more than one (or maybe two) for each. Bags take up space, so it's important to have bags that do double duty. Storing smaller bags in larger bags is a good way to save on space. 

4. Do I have a nice bag that I'm not using that I could sell?

Recently, I found a cute blush pink bag that I loved for only 25 dollars. I had a similar shade Michael Kors bag at home. I decided to sell that one on Ebay, and ended up making 3 times what the new bag cost. I saved on money and space by selling the older one I wasn't using as much anymore. 

5. Am I getting this bag at the best price possible?

Some of the lower designers (Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Kate Spade, etc) go on really great sales. It's best to wait for these sales before even looking. Looking leads to buying. Sometimes though the great bags you find do go on sale!! That Tory Burch bag went from 495 to 209. Score

Hope this helped! 
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