Monday, May 16, 2016

Weekend Trip- Black Hawk

I think the weekend trip is one of the most unappreciated vacation there is. The average girl can't take off a week or afford to take full on vacations very often. But a weekend trip is a great solution for those who want to leave our towns and have a little adventure! It was my husband's birthday, and so we headed south to Colorado for some fun with my family.
Every girl needs to get herself a weekender bag! They're super convenient and cute, and nothing says "I'm a grown up" more than a bag that's meant just for weekend getaways!  Mine was from Marshalls for 30 dollars, so keep an eye out if you have a local store. But if not, here are two cute and affordable options below!

We arrived at Black Hawk CO early Saturday morning, and were greeted with gloomy skies and a misty mountain. Chilly- but beautiful!
Nothing like a great washed out, back lit photo! :)
As we went to each Casino, our arm party (aka wristbands) grew. 
Casinos are pricey places. It's called gambling- not winning for a reason! So- if you do go make sure you take advantage of perks like FREE food. This seafood extravaganza was free for new members after 20 points. :) The lobster was SO GOOD. Ahh... I have to see if there is a way to make that at home!
Sunday morning, we decided to play a bit before going home. A bloody mary is the perfect morning drink. When they're free and you're dropping cash in their machines, you might as well get something! haha!
I don't do slots much- but I had a good feeling about the mermaid machine. It paid out 20 bucks on that bet. Then we lost it again! Casinos are definitely only an occasional thing for us!! I truly do not understand how anyone can play very often. You definitely need to know your limits before walking in.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

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