Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Exciting News!

I'm pretty excited today, because I've finally taken some steps to be a "real blogger."

One of those steps was to buy a domain name. When I originally started on blogger, long before I was even married and a Haight, I chose surprisinglyinspired and to keep it free I had blogspot on the end of it....

They tell you everywhere that you need to have your own website address. I was hesitating because I didn't know how much it would cost, I wasn't sure if I should stay on blogger, and I was scared all my Pinterest pins would not redirect to my new site.

1. It was only 12 dollars for the year. Only 1 dollar a month? I can afford that.
2. I'm staying on blogger for now. I barely know how to use blogger- let alone a whole new site!
3. I think that because I stayed on blogger, all my Pinterest pins and my links on other places automatically move to my new address when they are clicked. SUPER CONVENIENT.

So with all my worries taken care of, I can now say I'm the proud owner of lovehaightblog.com :)

On another note- I'm also trying to find my own niche. Despite this post, I've realized that my blog needs to be more about the reader and less about me. I love writing about my trips and things I buy, but I'm beginning to truly realize that if it doesn't add value to a reader, they have no reason to read my blog.

One of the reasons I decided to blog is because I love shopping and more expensive/designer pieces, but I've always been one to tell people exactly how I got it on sale, what coupons/apps/programs helped me to save money, etc.  So that is my new focus on Love.Haight - less about me and more about how to help the reader "live chic on the cheap," as it says at the top of my blog now! I'm hoping to have most of my posts reflect back on that mission statement - to help every girl be an "it girl" on whatever salary she has!

If you made it this far, please leave me a comment with some of the articles you usually prefer to read, and would like to see on lovehaightblog.com!!
I would really appreciate it!



  1. Ahhh so exciting! I noticed the new domain name and was wondering when that happened! I'm excited to learn from your finds- goodness knows our salary isn't top notch;)!

    1. Aw thank you!! Yes- a teacher's salary really doesn't afford all of our shopping addictions! I'm really excited to have some direction for this blog!


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