Saturday, May 14, 2016

Friday Finale- on Saturday because I'm behind like that.

Good morning lovelies!!
My Friday Finale is LATE. But I had already posted yesterday, so I decided to push it off a day. But I didn't want to skip it because I posted 5 times this week. Which is sooo not like me!! 
Here they are! :)

I had a final paper due this week in my masters program, and had to go to the post office 1-2 a day for all the stuff I sold on eBay + some returns of things that didn't fit right or showed up and were not what I ordered!! Kendra Scort is fixing that for me though ! :)
Went a little crazy!!

We are headed to Black Hawk for the weekend to gamble. Today is my husband's birthday!! Love that guy. :)

Happy weekend !!

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