Monday, May 9, 2016

This n That outfit making

This week, on Wednesday, is Love Haight's first birthday. This blog goes back a bit further than that with the teaching ideas, but last spring, I changed the name and started writing about fashion. I made an Instagram account, and the rest is history. Look for fun posts this week featuring things about me, blogging, and my favorite bloggers I've met along the way!
Guys, it is so rainy here lately, and that is so weird because it never rains in Wyoming. We get a bit of moisture and then it is desert dry the rest of summer. So anyway, the photos were really dark and I had to play a lot with the editing to try and get the colors to come through! I'm sorry they're so over-edited!!
I wanted to have a little fun getting dressed on Sunday, and I knew I needed to start using my clothes in different ways. Don't we all? So I started searching my closet for things and colors I had never paired together before.  

I found this blush pink/peach silky shirt and went "hmm, what color could blush go with that I haven't tried yet?" I settled on Navy blue. I found a skirt and realized if I tucked the front in, it looked dressy enough for church.
The best tip for pulling a look together, is by adding accessories that make it seem like it all is meant to be together. So I added nude/blush shoes and rose gold accessories.
For hair, I decided to try something new as well. I triple braided my hair and then secured the back. I had to blow dry my hair so it wouldn't leave wet spots on my shirt. That cause my hair to lose its curl and get frizzy, but it was time for church and so it looked how it looked. Fail.

Here you can see the colors a bit more true to life, and a close up of my Kendra Scott Everly necklace. I love the tassel being the same length, so I prefer this one to the Rayne, but unfortunately it was limited edition last summer.

Recreate the look:
Navy Blue Skirt

Blush Pink top:


Have the best week ladies!

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  1. I absolutely adore your fashion sense and I love the way you have paired this blush pink top with this navy blue skirt. Very very pretty!


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