Tuesday, May 10, 2016

She's Wild as Wyoming

Since this week is my first blogging anniversary, I'm writing a post every day, and trying to open up a little. I rarely share where I live. Probably because my whole state has less people than some of the cities that other people live in. I feel that makes me more vulnerable somehow, and I hold it back.
Few can really relate to living in Wyoming, because so few do. I remember back in high school a couple friends going to a national competition in DC and faking out a bunch of other kids from other states by pretending to be afraid of escalators. They fall into the camp of people who ask, "how do you get to school? Do you ride a horse?"
Umm... No. No, we don't.

It seems stupid to even write this, but people always seem to not know. Wyoming has all the modern conveniences, just without all the hassle. There's less people, less traffic, less pollution, less noise, and yes, I'll admit, less shopping opportunity and I suppose, things to do. However, there is more, more space, more starry nights, more room to roam, and more community. I know people from half the towns in the state through sports and attending the 1 university we have. 
I wasn't born here. But Wyoming, with its wide open spaces, beautiful skies, mountains, and dessert-like climate is home.

Anyway- Style Details!
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Thanks so much for stopping by, and I'll see you tomorrow for my 1 year blogging birthday post!!


  1. I've never been, but Wyoming has always been my dad's favorite place on earth! Happy early anniversary:)
    xo, Syd

    1. That is awesome! He must be a cool guy! ;)
      Have a great week beautiful !


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