Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday Finale

I've been playing around with the idea of having a weekly round up of things on the blog. I really like these posts from other bloggers, and it would give me some structure for posting. I was thinking Friday Finale, since I love alliteration and want to use it to end my blogging week. So what do you guys think? I would love for you to vote and let me know what you all prefer.

  • Where clothes are from on Instagram
  • A chatty post about life and what they've been up to
  • Things they are loving- articles to read, blog posts to look at, trends, products
  • A combination/ Assortment of the above
  • I normally don't read these types of posts
More polls: Free polls
Without further ado--- the post!!

I posted this haul from ASOS. I was super neutral this time around- and luckily these are all pretty affordable! Unfortunately, that also means some of them sold out really fast! Here is what I could get together!

If you love the cami top- here is some more colors!!
 These linen pants are incredibly comfortable! Best teacher pair around!!
These were from Marshalls. Similar here!

I purchased a few things from Kendra Scott the other day with the free earrings deal!! This Necklace , these free earrings, and this pair too Plus this necklace too- and a pair of customized earrings. Can't wait to show you guys all these pieces when they arrive!!

Chips and Guacmole for Cinco de Mayo!! My favorite way to make it is simple- lemon juice, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Yum!!
I've been practicing French on DuoLingo. This is one of my best weeks! :)

I wrote this post on minimalism, because I have been watching so many house shows! I need/want to downsize my life!


  1. Love a Finale Friday idea! Go for it, I say!! And that oyster colored cami from ASOS is adorable!! So wish it was still available in my size!
    Have a Wonderful Weekend!! (see my alliteration there?! Haha!)


    1. I know- it doesn't have hardly any sizes left! I'm normally an 8 but I ordered the 12 and it actually doesn't fit too bad! I added a widget with all the other colors I found tonight when I was looking things up again on!


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