Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Happy 1st Birthday Love.Haight!

 When I started blogging 1 year ago today, I was obsessed. Fast forward a year later and I'm... well, still obsessed. At first, I was too embarrassed to tell anyone I was blogging. I thought maybe I would just quit quietly. But I haven't. And despite my lack of success, I really haven't even wanted to give up. Most people talk about what they've learned and how they've grown as a blogger. I'm going to talk about what I learned too, but it will be a bit different. Maybe I should title it:

Top 10 Things I've Learned Make me a Terrible Blogger.

1. Like I revealed yesterday, I live in Wyoming. It's not exactly the fashion capital of the world. That means my friends don't know Kendra Scott, Rebecca Minkoff, or what Shopbop is or why they're having a sale. Nordstrom has never set foot in my state and never will.

2. I'm getting my Master's Degree in English while teaching Middle School full time. That means I spend all my time writing 15 page papers on literature, and grading the ones my students write for me! I literally have no time to write amazing blog posts, or even just a mediocre one.

3. I have ridiculously huge, curly hair that doesn't photograph well.

4. Actually, come to think of it,  I don't have anything that photographs well.

5. The camera may add 10 pounds, but the happily married life adds 15! Eeek!

6. Sometimes I'm putting outfits together and look in the mirror and realize, "Actually come to think of it, I don't know anything about fashion!"

7. I chose teaching as a career. It pays in poignant moments with kids, not cash. Blogger life needs cash!

8. I would rather post photos of my poodle than myself. True fact.

9. I will never tell peeps to add me on Snapchat, because it's mostly photos of me in pjs and sweatpants, singing church hymns, and, yep you guessed it, my poodle.

10.  I don't always take myself seriously. I'm sure that's a shocker. Heehee

Hope you enjoyed this little list. While all of this is true, it is also meant to be fun and silly. Please don't take this as whining or complaining!

If you've still got a minute here are some of my most memorable posts (all linked) this last year on Love.Haight!
This is my all time most liked photo on instagram. Weird eh? I do love these shoes though!
This is from my first ever collaboration (with Eshakti) Some sweet girl told me I looked like Kate Middleton, and that's not a compliment you quickly forget!
 This is one my all time favorite photos. From the iridescent necklace to the sun swept hair, it makes me very happy.
 When my photographer friend took my photos and I wanted her to take them all the time!
 When we went to Seattle and I got to squeal over Pike's Places Peonies.
 The time I tried and horrible failed to make Macaroons.
 This is my most read post ever- (over 6k views which is way more than the rest) it got a bunch of repins and it drives traffic to Love.Haight more than anything!
My first photo on my instagram. I have literally no clue why I chose shrimp. hahaha
 These are both from a week on the blog I did called "Metallics Week." I blogged every day for a week and it was tough!
Another favorite post was our 1st anniversary trip my husband and I took to Deadwood. These wing earrings, my gift, are forever a favorite!

If you made it to the end, I am actually quite astonished! Leave a comment about anything- it would really make my blogging-anniversary-day!
Victoria Haight


  1. All these things make you a normal real life person. I appreciate people who actually dress normal and still put some effort into their look. The accounts I like following the most on Instagram are people who dress like I do. If you have a piece in your closet that I have in mine, I am 10x more likely to follow you than someone who wears designer clothes and heels all the time. I've been following you on IG for a while, but this is the first time I have come to your blog. Keep up the good work.

    1. Amanda,
      Thank you so so much for coming by the blog and leaving this sweet comment! You don't even know how much I appreciate it! I'm glad I am relatable. I can't relate to the heels every day either. Weddings and church on Sunday is all I can stand for heels/wedges :)

  2. Your post cracked me up! I love how natural and real you are and how you didn't give up on blogging because it was something you loved to do! (PS I bet your students LOVE you!!)

    1. Yes- I'm so glad someone got a good giggle. I sure hope they like my class. I love cracking jokes for my students. :)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I absolutely loved reading this post! I love how honest you are! Blogging is hard, but so rewarding! Happy 1 Year! xx Kendall |

    1. Thanks Kendall!! Can't wait to feature you on Friday! :)

  4. Loved this and congrats on one year :)

    1. Thanks so much Emily! Can't wait to post the look we shot!

  5. Ok, I seriously LOVE this post, lady!! I don't know where you get off saying that you have nothing that photographs well!! You are ADORABLE and look beautiful in your photos! But I SO, SO get having those feelings...especially when you blog and have to look at photos of yourself like seven days a week. Aak! It's just least for me it is! I never get used to seeing myself in photos and feel like it's an exercise in humility! HA!
    Keep going for what you want, girlie!! You can do anything you set your mind to!!

    1. This comment means so much to me!! Thanks for the inspiration and kind words! I appreciate the encouragement! And I totally agree about looking at myself so much!


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