Wednesday, May 25, 2016

New Looks - Old Clothes

Yesterday I woke up with the urge to wear something new! Unfortunately, there wasn't anything new in my closet that I could wear yet. (Why yet? Don't ask! Lol!)

So what's a girl on a budget to do? Well- make new looks out of old clothes of course! There are a few simple steps!

1. Find base layers.
What you're looking for here is pieces that will be the "bottom" of your outfit- go with whatever suits your mood that day: whether that is stripes, solids, bright colors, or neutrals. 
For mine I chose a striped dress!

#2: Determine layering pieces
I searched through my closet to find pieces that could be layered. I came up with these ideas: cardigans,  flowy tees (over a dress!) vests, and button downs. I decided to go for a button down, but I wanted to find one I had never used before as a layering piece. I found this silky/chiffon blush blouse and went "aha! How cute would this be with stripes?" The idea here is to find something unexpected - that you wouldn't normally wear over the base piece you found. Sometimes it takes a couple tries to get right.

#3: Add coordinating accessories/jewelry
Go for pieces that really pull the look together as if it were meant to be a pair! For me, rose gold jewelry was a must with this blush button down. My bright white sandal finished out the look!

Build my look:
Striped Dress:

Blush top:


Hope this helps you the next time you're in front of your closet looking for something "new!"


  1. These are such great tips Victoria!
    xo, Syd

  2. I love base pieces that can be dressy or casual depending on how you accessorize!


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