Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Nordstrom Sale

Sales are the best for a girl on a budget- however- be careful that you aren't buying things JUST because they are on sale. Because then you aren't saving anything- you're only spending!

Anyway, I still wanted to do a roundup of what I would love to purchase, because it almost feels like shopping.. without the actual shopping!

Summer Pieces

For Your Feet

I've wanted some cobalt blue shoes for a while, but what is really pulling on my heart (I mean wallet) strings are the Vince Camuto booties. For under 100 I'm REALLY tempted!!

To Carry

This Rebecca Minkoff bag is to die for. I can't even pick which color I like better!

In My Dreams

Way too expensive- but gorgeous to look at!

Are you buying anything?? If so what?! Do tell in the comments below! ;)

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