Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Shoesday Tuesday: Lace Up Edition

 Lace up flats and high heels are allll the rage right now. As a little girl, obsessed with ballet, I found some shoes in a magazine that looked like ballet shoes. There were ribbons that wound all the way up the model's calves. I was entranced. So, imagine my great joy when the style came back in!

 I absolutely love the shade of these flats from Charlotte Russe.
The only part I'm not completely sold on is the pointy toe part. I've never thought it looks good on me!
My dog looks too hilarious here, so I couldn't crop him out. Apparently, he wanted in on the photo shoot action!

Find more cute and affordable styles from Charlotte Russe here!

And a few more, including a great pair from Jeffrey Campbell on sale for 65!!

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Thats one of the few shoe types I don't have but desperately want! I love this color too, they'd match everything! They certainly do have a ballerina quality to them:)

    1. Very true- nude is very versatile! I'm not convinced they will be "in" forever so I think a less expensive pair is the way to go- but that's just me! ;)


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