Sunday, May 1, 2016

Why Minimalism is so Hard

This weekend I binge watched "Love it or List it Too" and watched Jillian Harris create gorgeous homes with such beautiful and simple decor, that created a clean fresh atmosphere. It had me casting an eye around my own space thinking- how can I achieve that same look here? As I really got to brainstorming I realized that minimalism is hard. Why? Well let me tell you!

1. Sentimentality 

I am a very sentimental person (like a lot of other people out there!). In my mind items are tied to people, places, and memories. So getting rid of the item isn't just the item- it's those moments too. My husband proposed to me in this boring grey long sleeved top... And because of that I have not been able to part with it, despite the fact that it's now a pj shirt because it's just not really that cute. 

2. Blogging 

Blogging has not helped my clothing obsession, or my jewelry obsession, or my shoe obsession. Aka it has not helped with my shopping addiction. Sometimes I feel pressure to have the newest, next, best thing- whatever- to maintain writing this blog I love so much. Things pile up.

3. Marketing/Packaging 

I buy things i don't need in stores because the packaging draws me in and I think to myself this is going to fix a,b, and c. Unfortunately that's never exactly true- it just adds to the clutter. 

4. But what If I need it?

When going through my things I'm pretty good at thinking about that one day it will be hippie day during school spirit days, or when I'll need that flowy dress for a concert. I will find imaginary "needs" for things that just "need" to find a new home... Preferably out of my house 

5. Living in Houses Looks Like, well, Living in Houses 

At the end of the day we need to be realistic- houses will have knick-knacks, closetfulls of clothes, and Mail everywhere because people live there. C'est la vie!

There's Still Hope!

1. Take baby steps
Find small areas of your home that you can declutter (whether it's a messy drawer, a coffee table, or a dresser)

2. Let yourself have a second chance
Try putting clothes you want to get rid of in a bag and put it somewhere accessible for a month. If you never reach for it or get anything out, you know you're ready to get rid of if!

3. Look on Pinterest for inspo
If you need some help getting motivated, beautiful images on Pinterest will inspire you to start cleaning up your space.

Overall, I want to take control of my things, and start moving past those 5 hurdles above and really love the things I own, and make sure the things aren't owning me. 

What are your tips for cutting back? Leave them in a comment below!


  1. As I was reading this, I was thinking "Yep! Yep. That's me. That's me too." Sentimentality is my weakness. I can't get rid of anything because I feel guilty... like I'd actually hurt it's feelings if I did. And I feel this urge to always have new items on my blog, which I can tell myself I don't need, but always seem to be more comfortable with my posts when they are. It is a constant struggle! I wish I had tips to give:)

    1. I'm happy this resonates with someone! Glad I'm not alone. It's so tough, but I love an uncluttered aesthetic.


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