Wednesday, May 18, 2016

3 Reasons you Need a Chambray Button Down

Every girl needs the perfect standby in her closet. This spring, its the chambray top.
(A huge thank you to Emily at DaydreamingEngineer for taking these photos! Go check out her blog for more awesomeness)

 When a new season rolls around, I have a tendency to want a whole new wardrobe! I'm sure I'm not alone in that. While it's important to have pieces that translate to the new season, weather, and events, we can't always afford it. So it's important to invest in key pieces for the season. I think a chambray top is one of those pieces that is so worth the investment. Mine was from Ross so keep a look out at those types of stores.
Here are a few options below to get your shopping creativity flowing.

Here are 3 reasons you need one!

1.You can dress them up or down
It looks great with a plain outfit- black jeans and a white tee.
But it can also look great over a dress and some pretty jewelry.

2. They are the perfect lightweight layering piece
It can add some warmth when it's needed, and can come off when it warms up!
I've seen people tie them around their waist with a plain dress, and it's actually kind of cute!

3. Anyone Can Pull it Off
I had a friend who told me that she couldn't pull it off because she wasn't edgy enough. I forced her to try it on with some white jeans, and she looked adorable! She ended up buying it, and loving it! Don't knock it till you've tried it. :)

Thanks for stopping by today!
Let me know in the comments how you style your chambray!



  1. I love chambray tops, I have so many in my collection! Definitly agree that they are a wardrobe must!
    Amy | Pastel N Pink

  2. A great chambray is an absolute MUST for ANY girl!! Love all the different ways you've styled yours, especially with that blue stripe dress! Super cute!



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