Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Finale- May 20th

Happy Friday! Today I realized that I only have 2 more Fridays left after today of this school year. We are down to the teens for days left. YAY!

On Monday I shared this post about our Black Hawk trip and why every girl needs a weekender bag!
Tuesday I shared some exciting news about my blog and where it is headed!
Wednesday I shared 3 reasons why you need a chambray top with some gorgeous photos done by the talented photographer and blogger Emily at Daydreamin Engineer!
So much relief on Thursday when my final grades came out! Getting a 4.0 this semester was no easy feat. I had classes twice a week and an independent study. Since that's done for the semester I got to start working on house projects!
My husband and I painted one of our back rooms this week. It was beige like the rest of the house was (I called my house a sea of beige when I moved in- now I've painted 5 rooms.)
It's now a dark gray and I am loving it!

We are also continuing our kitchen renovation by painting our cabinets! It looks sooo much better. Photos don't do it justice- especially this cell phone snapshot. Better photos coming!

Thanks for stopping by today!
Have a great weekend!

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