Saturday, March 12, 2016

5 Teacher Basics

I've been teaching students for about 4 years now, with 3 of those being on my own as a "real teacher." Getting dressed every morning was, at first, an ordeal. I had lots of cute stuff, but not all of it seemed "appropriate." Over time, I have found that there are a few key pieces that every teacher should have in her closet to stretch her options and stay cute but modest. They are "boring," but they will save you so much hassle!

1. White, Black, and Nude camisoles
Sheer, Semi sheer, and low cut have been trends that have stayed strong over the years. On occasion, some of that is simply due to cheap materials being used. Camis cover bra and belly button marks through shirts, and help with shirts that are too low cut.

2. An abundance of black Tights and Leggings
Shorter dresses and skirts can be fixed with a pair of thick tights. For long shirts, aka tunics, I would go with a thick (opaque!) pair of leggings. I live where it's cold, so I choose leggings most of the time. Forever 21 makes a cheap option, but the less you spend, the less opaque they become! Conversely, the more you spend the longer they'll last, and probably the happier you'll be.

3. A slip
Story time. When my brother got married I had the most beautiful blush pink maxi. I got dressed at the church to get ready for pictures, and wouldn't you know it, my under-roos were on full display. Great. So a quick run to Target was in order. I bought a nude colored slip that more or less looked like a mini skirt. It actually wasn't visible through the dress, and nothing that shouldn't have been was no longer on display. I have used it with other questionable skirts and dresses that could have used a little better material to make it more opaque.

4. Scarves
Not only will these infinity scarves "dress up" simple tops and dresses, but they also have been known to cover bra marks, and tops that show too much cleavage. Toss one on, and you're out the door.

5. Black Jeans/pants
I hate dress pants, so these are a key basic for me. Mine aren't technically "jean material" so I think they're safe to wear with our dress code. They feel like jeans though, and pair great with all my favorite tops. I own like 3 pairs right now and have already worn completely through 1 or 2 in the past!

I hope this post helps new teachers, and maybe even some veteran ones, keep their wardrobe "teacher ready!" :)

Got any other great tips? Have anything else you'd like to know? Leave it all in the comments below!
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