Sunday, March 6, 2016

New Jewelry Pieces

I'm so, so behind on blogging. I buy all this stuff, and then go "yeah! I'm going to blog it!" And then... I don't. But hey! Here it comes. (I've got at least 3 blog "haul" blog posts to do this week 8o)

So, rose gold... If you read my blog (like ever) then you already know I have an obsession. I have a large collection, but I had to add to it... obviously. :)

One of the pieces I was really excited about getting was an X ring.
 This one is from Macy's, and was a pretty good price.
I also was looking for some pretty bangles that would pair well with my favorite watches. The padlock Michael Kors bracelet was just too cute. The gold bangle was an 8 dollars Gap Outlet find. :)

The X ring is under 30 bucks I believe, and Macy's is always having percentage off sales. The bangles are a bit more, but still fairly affordable! :)

I am loving all these pieces. Accessories are so fun and can add a personal touch to an otherwise plain outfit. 

Happy Monday,

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