Monday, January 4, 2016

Clothes to Feel Happy, Wild, and Free

In college my mantra was always, "Look good, feel good, do good." (Please don't mention the grammatical incorrectness of this statement to this English teacher. Lol!) I think we can all agree that the clothes we wear influence our mood, our attitude, and even our confidence. Of course, we all have our go to little black dress when we want to feel sexy, and our favorite sweatpants when we had a bad day and need comfort. Then there are the happy clothes, and I found the perfect piece from Wild Souls.
First of all, can you say COZY? The inside is the most ridiculously soft thing I've ever felt.
And of course, you have the quote. Who wouldn't be happy when your top says you are!

Possibly my favorite thing about this sweater is the fact that it references French Fries, which I love. Yes, I am that pathetic!

I found myself having more fun at this shoot than I usually do. I can be kind of stiff sometimes, but there's something just so freeing about this sweater. I think that's kind of the vibe of the brand anyway. :)

The name alone, Wild Souls, brings to mind freedom and excitement. In my mind, the girl who shops there isn't afraid to let loose a little, have an adventure, and keep a smile on her face no matter what.
She's wild and free! Below I'm linking a few pieces that are pefect for this! I hope you find something you love! 

This amazing sweater comes in 3 versions. (Sizing: I'm normally a medium but am wearing a small. Get your normal size for a slouchier fit)
Happier than a Bird with a French Fry ( I believe there is a Large left. Someone snatch it up!)

The most chill striped sweater dress for literally anytime, anywhere. (Except maybe a cocktail party!)
 A vest in the most beautiful shade of red, for those bold moments.

A pretty ethreal skirt in blush.
 Totally love this printed vest too!

They also sell really cute and customizable jewelry by Lenny and Eva. I showed that on this post HERE.

Thanks for stopping by today!
Also a big thank you to Wild Souls boutique for making this post possible.

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  1. Indeed a good and nice dress makes you look more gorgeous. Good outfit and perfect for a day like this. The dresses indeed are very comfortable and soft.


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