Sunday, January 3, 2016

Birthday Shopping Haul

On my birthday I drug my husband and my Gram-Gram around the Tucson mall for 3 hours. Boy, they were good sports about it!

I posted this photo on the 26th of my shopping bags and said I would post a haul. :)
Oh what fun. :)

I already showed a sneak peak of what I got at Express. This beautiful sea foam sweater. I'm actually IN LOVE. It fits beautifully; the V-neck doesn't go down to far, the back covers the booty, the knit is nice and stretchy and fitted, and warm!
It comes in other colors too. Here's the link!

Banana Republic:
I saw SO many cute outfit ideas with a turtleneck this fall/winter. So I bought one. :)

I love that it fits a little longer! I can't wait to put it under sweaters and vests.

Old Navy:
 This cute "brrr..." tank top was a 3 dollar find. Love it!
 The white is a tunic dress. I will definitely be showing it in an outfit post! 


This Chloe perfume has been one of my favorites ever since I had a mini one! It's super strong when I sprayed myself directly though! Does anyone else have this perfume and find that to be true? I think I'm going to have to do that mist and walk through thing. The NARS lip products were the birthday gift of 2015 as I'm sure you know! :) Yay for new beauty bits.

Forever 21:
The actual store kind of freaks me out with all the stuff everywhere. I prefer online. However, I did find this beautiful taupe maxi dress. (Or is it brown, or grey, or purple? Who knows)
I'm sure I will show it on at some point! :) I just thought it would be fun to show all the things I bought. I love hauls. :)

Thanks for stopping by my little blog today! 


  1. I need to get myself a striped turtleneck, they look so cute! And I'm also loving that Brrr tank top!!
    xo, Syd

    1. Yeah- I don't exactly know how to style it, but I'm excited! :)


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