Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Workout Attire

Recently I wanted some new workout clothes. Sadly, lots of my old stuff doesn't really fit me right since its a bit small. Secondly, I just needed some motivation to hit the gym. Unfortunately, I have been seriously sick and run down with a cold I've had for 2 weeks. It's probably the worst cold I've had since I started teaching 3 years ago. Sigh. Anyway, soon it will be over and I'll be rocking all these new cute pieces at the gym.
Target was killing me with this "I lift (Pizza to my mouth) every day" haha so funny. You can't take yourself to seriously. At 12.99 it was a must have. 

This photo was a bit hard to post, because I used to be very fit and muscular. But... part of my blog is being honest and relatable and very much a "real girl." So here it is anyway.
 This tank from Nike is pretty cool. I thought I might not like it, but it is really kind of fun and will be great for running in hot weather outside. It was on clearance at Dick's Sporting Goods. Score.
 Finally I found a cute Nike top at Kohls. It looks really boxy on the hanger, but I love the way it fits my body! :)
The bright yellow is so fun, and the different prints on the letters is probably my favorite part!

As always, links are below. The Nike stuff is exactly the same product (click for color options!) and then I linked a few quote t-shirts. The other day I forced myself not to buy one that said "Am I skinny yet?" I thought it was hilarious, but it does kind of send the wrong message of why we workout and take care of our bodies and health.

Thanks for reading!!

PS I need motivating quotes for keeping up with my goals... Got one for me? Leave it in the comment section :)


  1. You look so so cute and pull off workout gear perfectly! Sending you tons of love today!

    xx Julianna

  2. They're well-constructed, fit exactly how I expected (I'm 5'10" 125 lbs and the XS is great for me, even though they're probably shorter than on the model shown). The color was perfect for the best workout clothes I wanted and the material is soft and breathable.


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