Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Faking it: Layers Edition

Guys, I never win anything. Not raffles, not bingo, not anything. But I won my first ever anything! It was a giveaway for 25 dollars to ShoptheMint over on Beauty by Kendall Lynn's instagram. You guys should check her blog out, she's got great looks! Thanks so much Kendall!

Anyway, so I picked out a piece that I loved, and it was two of my fall favorites combined into one: a cozy sweater and plaid.

This shirt looks like I layered some kind of plaid shirt under it, as it appears at the bottom, the cuffs, and neck. But it's just one. :)

Ahh. Fall. :)

Completely digging the elbow patches and the back of these boots. Is that weird? Probably.

I braved the sunlight to give you a really good idea on the vibrancy of the plaid. :)

This tunic can be found HERE. :) For the record, it is a fairly see through material, so I layered a camisole under it.

Thanks for reading!

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