Sunday, November 1, 2015

Decorated Doors

Fixing up my house, and making it "mine" is one of my very favorite things to do. Back in August I decided to paint my pantry door and add a decal like some of the ones I've seen on Pinterest. My best friend recently bought a house, and then did something similar, but to her front door! I guess you can see why we're besties!

At first I painted the trim red too. The hubby was not happy. So I went to the store and got some white paint to redo it. It ended up being a blessing in disguise because then I went on to paint our double doors to the deck. Now they look brand new! :)

The decal was from a downtown crafty/decor store, but I'm sure they are available all over etsy. :)

I used chalk paint, so you can see the brush strokes. I think it gives it a rustic look, or makes it kind of antique looking. If you don't like it, more coats of paint will eradicate the look. :) I added a wax to the door, and so far (in 2 months) I haven't noticed any chipping at all. 

The paint I used was the Urban Rooster's Chalky Paint in Barn Red. Available HERE

Behind Door Number 2!

Here's my best friend's door in a gorgeous navy blue. She also added a matching house number. The cute "hello" decal is the perfect finishing touch.

She used Valspar Reserve in "Motor City Blue," with a two inch microfiber roller brush.

Painting a door can be a scary thing, but I think both turned out really cool! Sometimes you just have to get the guts, carve out a few hours on a weekend, and get it done.

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