Friday, November 6, 2015

An army green utility vest 3 ways. :)

Happy Friday everyone!!
When I picked out my army green vest at Target this last August (You always have to get the good fall stuff in summer!) I wasn't sure exactly how many things it would go with. I actually thought it would probably be pretty one-hit-wonder as attested to how I styled it the first time I wore it: with a white shirt.

But it wasn't too long before I realized it looked great with stripes!! (What doesn't thought?!)

Then while browsing Pinterest, (follow mine HERE) I saw someone had paired theirs with plaid... Mission accepted. 
This was the first time I styled it. I really like this plaid with it!

Plaid Number 2 was "okay" but at least it gave me another way to wear it! :)

My final verdict on this vest is a definite do! I found some decently priced ones below if you want to rock this look. Which, trust me, you do!

Thanks for reading!

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