Sunday, November 8, 2015

DIY Autumn leaves candle holder

On the weekends, there is always plenty to do. However, sometimes I find myself in the trap of doing the same things all the time. This weekend my sister was in town and I had seen that our library was having a "craftastic Saturday" where you could make a free craft- all supplies provided. As my sister says, she "loves free" so I figured she would be in! (I recommend you checking out if your public library does any free activities like this. It's a great way to take part in the community, have some fun, and save money!)

Materials needed:
Mod Podge
Paint brush 
A mason jar
A napkin (yes- a napkin!) with leaves 
Tea light candle
*overall seems pretty inexpensive 

Step 1- our napkin had layers of white paper underneath that we took apart so the leaves would be more transparent. Then cut the leaf shapes from the napkin.
Step 2:
Paint Mod Podge onto the mason jar.
Step 3: stick the leaves onto the mason jar.
Step 4: paint all over the leaves with Mod Podge.

This is my sister ! A lot of poeple think we look alike. Well maybe we do. :)

Step 5: add a bow with some kind of twine and let dry! (About an hour or so)

Step 6:
Light up a tea light candle inside and enjoy the autumn beauty :)

Thanks for reading!!


  1. Love this! It looks so pretty. Will surely try this one! :)

  2. I love DIY projects and this is totally easy! The napkin idea is brilliant. I have all the things to make it so I may have to give this a try!


    1. Yeah- it worked really well with the napkins when you pull them apart!! You should totally make some :)


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