Friday, May 1, 2015

Taking the "prep" work out of prepostions

Kids love movement. We all know that after watching our overactive students fidgeting around in class. This activity will take that energy and focus it into learning. However *be warned* that if you are a teacher who isn't okay with high energy and a proportionately higher noise level, this might not be the lesson for you. My philosophy has definitely been moving towards the idea that a quiet classroom doesn't mean learning is happening, and a loud classroom doesn't always mean bad classroom management. This activity is FUN and the kids will demonstrate that with engagement and giggles.

Step 1: Teach prepositions. Use a video, take a pencil and make them tell you where it is in relationship to a desk. Do whatever you do!

Step 2: Create a list of prepositions as a cheat sheet reference. (non-exhaustive... there are too many to teach in one day!) Discuss time and place, location, and directions.

Step 3: Set out your expectations for the game and what limits the kids need to follow. Seasoned teachers know this, but some of us newer ones forget this step sometimes. DON'T. Your sanity levels will thank you.

Step 4: Explain that the game is somewhat like Simon Says, but in this game, instead of "Simon Says" being the magic word, using a preposition is the "magic" word to go.

Step 5: Begin playing!
Put your left arm OVER your right arm.
Put your hands ABOBE your head.
Take your left hand and put it BELOW your knee cap.
Get DOWN into pushup position
cross your right ankle over your knee and put your hand THROUGH the hole

It's endless really, and the kids like it. You'll quickly see why I eventually called the game "Preposition Yoga" instead of "Preposition Simon Says"

Comment below with questions or comments!

Teach on!

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