Monday, May 4, 2015

Impromptu painting

On Saturday I decided I wanted to paint one of my living room walls. I think painting is really easy! I live in a sea of beige, which is great because it's a neutral, but can feel a little washed out. It was perfect when we bought it because then we could make our own mark on the house. My dad kept reminding me when we were house hunting that carpets and walls were just lipstick and rouge. So true. 
Here it is at 9:10 pm after a quick trip to Home Depot. It took so long to pick colors since I was also looking for a color for our master bathroom.
Then it was time to tape everything off and make a "drop cloth." I went the poor person way and ripped up walmart bags and taped them to the floor. Then I got to painting.
At 10:20 I was looking at a finished wall. Now our gold birch tree painting from Hobby Lobby really pops. This navy and gold living room is slowly coming together!! 


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