Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Blush Crush

The best color this season, in my humble opinion, is blush! I am loving the neutral-ness (is that a word?) while being completely appropriate for spring. 

This top is from H&M. It is super flattering, even though I'm not in as great of shape as I could be. I got it in New Orleans on my honeymoon, so it has great memories!! I found the same one in white HERE

This bag is from Gigi New York, and is in the shade desert rose. I think it's really pretty. It definitely is different hues depending on the lighting. (see below) It is a huge clutch, so it is a statement piece. Definitely not for the fashion faint at heart!! Also it can be personalized!! Want one? Go HERE. :)
Jewelry is such an easy way to add the hue, and its especially gorgeous with rose gold! Sorry that the lighting is not the best here!! The watch is the blush and rose gold Parker from Michael Kors. Love it! (find it HERE) Or you can try and snag it where I did...I got mine for a great discount from overstock.com! It's especially awesome if you can snag it with their typical 10 percent off coupons!! 

The earrings are real fresh-water pearls that I picked up in Mexico. I totally haggled the price from 25 bucks down to 16. Go me! 

The rose gold and morganite necklace is from Zales ... (see below for true coloring) Similar one HERE It was a gorgeous gift from my hubby for my 23rd birthday. They match the earrings he bought for my wedding gift!

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