Thursday, May 28, 2015

BolderBand headbands

I have seriously crazy hair. It's curly, it's frizzy, it's all over the place- especially during my work outs. So the solution? Headbands! However, most of them come right off my head, especially during volleyball- my favorite sport. So when I heard BolderBand headbands were supposedly non-slip I had to check it out. When I arrived at the site, (HERE) a pop up appeared.

"Want to try a BolderBand for free"

Ummm YES. So I entered my email and got a code. (Into my junk mail, so check there!) 

The coupon was good for a dark blue one, and you just had to pay shipping. I decided heck if I'm already paying shipping might as well get a second one. So I picked this gorgeous baby blue floral one called "blue sky brunch." Sold on the name alone!! 

They also came with a free sample and a discount code. 

They are super comfortable, but I wanted to put them to the test, so I did some yoga. 

Success!! It stayed put. Now I can't wait to try it out at volleyball! 


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