Monday, June 1, 2015

May Favorites & Instagram Round Up

I honestly can't believe May is gone and June is here. Just a couple more days of school and summer vacation stretches out ahead! I wanted to do a quick round up of some of the things I was loving, and the things that got a lot of love on Instagram!

The shoes are Old Navy (yeah, seriously they are stepping up their game.) and are super affordable and I kid you not, incredibly comfortable. Snatch up a pair in brown, black, or purple.

The scarf has been a super popular item on my blog, and elsewhere too, and is completely sold out. :( 

This Orly color created a photo on my Instagram that has been my most "liked" to date! Not this photo particularly, but similar. It's an amazing shade and this photo was taken on day 6. I accidentally applied 3 top coats last Monday when I put it on! Heehee. 

This druzy bracelet was on sale during Nordy's 40 percent off sale. I've linked similar HERE and HERE. :)

Most of these finds are surprisingly affordable!! The floral top is Gap- mine is from the outlet. The necklace and shoes are Target. The sandals were 6 dollars!!
The bracelet and tunic are Kohls!!

The tunic was much loved on Instagram to my surprise! It also came in navy blue and white/peach. 20 bucks only! Grab one at your local store. :)

Want any of it? Linked here!

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