Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Nailed it: Macarons Baking Experience

Okay, blogger fail here. I'm trying to tell myself it's kind of funny. But it’s mostly embarrassing.

This my friends was the recipe I was trying to recreate. Yes, I see the words "level:advanced" Maybe I should have listened more. But I was so sure I was going to have perfect pink macaroons. 

Step 1- buy all the stuff. TIP - don't go to a natural grocers.... I'll tell you why in a minute.

Step 2: Follow the directions... whip egg whites and sugar FOREVER... I mean 5 minutes

Step 3- Destroy the kitchen while sifting powdered sugar and almond flower through a strainer. No I'm not kidding. 
Step 4: Fold it all together... the batter tastes good. ;) Okay- so I bought food coloring from Natural Grocers... and it was 8.00 I tried to tell myself it was okay, because they last awhile. NOPE. They were single use packets. And did they work?? NO! This is the red color... are you KIDDING me... That's brown. Gross.

Step 5: Try to create perfect circles with a piping tool or a frosting bag like I tried. 

Hmm... not bad.

Step 6: I put some lemon extract into this whipped cream cheese frosting by Betty Crocker and it was AMAZING. You have to do this. 
Step 7: Bake the cookies... Wait patiently for perfect macaroons to come out of the oven.

Step 8: Take your cookies out of the oven and realize you're the worst macaroon baker in history. 

Step 9: Eat them anyway. Find out they taste pretty dang good, especially with that lemon frosting. 

Step 10: Laugh a little and post a blog post because that's what normal people do. Heehee



  1. I literally laughed out loud at this post! Love it. :) (Your mother-in- law)

  2. Thanks mother-in-law, your my first comment ever! Love you :)


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