Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Baublebar Sale!

I just picked up a new piece from Baublebar and I am loving it. I'm obsessed with initial pieces. I got this from Baublebar when they had the 25 percent off sale on personalized jewelry. I have great news for you... it's 30 percent off today and tomorrow!! Use code FIESTA30

 Snag something for yourself. (Don't forget they have vault points with each purchase for you to rack up to buy things later for less!)

This is the blonde marble version of the acrylic necklace. You can find all their other amazing color options HERE
The packaging is always so great!
Love the unique pattern of the blond marble!
This is how the 16 inch necklace looks for sizing... (top and bottom photos)

Sorry it is dark! Its so gloomy out today, and with the sale I wanted to get it out QUICK! 

Save 30 percent with the code FIESTA30

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