Thursday, January 23, 2014

Teaching Dialogue and Flashback

Today, after a quick PowerPoint on dialogue, tone, and flashback, I came up with the idea for the kids to make cartoons that included all 3 elements. Half my classes have started working on them and so far so good. They seem to be enjoying it so far, the creativity was great, and it's fun to see my artsy kids shine. I am not an artsy "kid" so don't laugh at mine that I've attached below. :) Mine is about a shark teenager named Sharkalina complaining about getting made fun of at school. Her dad suggests coming in to school and Sharkalina says "no dad! don't you remember last time?" And flashes back to the past and him eating her fish teacher after going in for a talk.
Cartoons are such a fun thing to add to the curriculum! Enjoy, and happy almost Friday.

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