Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sites and apps you gotta check out

These aren't groundbreaking, but we all need a reminder!

1. Shopkick app: there are plenty of businesses that promise you gift cards but few are as easy as this one. I've earned two for Sephora (there are so many other options) just by getting kicks by walking into stores such as Target and Macy (and many more) and occasionally scanning products. Trust me. Get this free app.

2. Pickyourplum.com : if you love a deal and the surprise of new things every day, you will love this site. There are clothes, accessories, decorations, and cute things for Planning for parties,weddings, showers, etc. You're going to love it. :)

3. Britt&Co app: this is for people who like DIY on Pinterest. It's got a lot of articles attached to it. Perfect.

4. Alisonanderson.com : she's a youtuber under Amarixe, and she's fun, fabulous, full of DIY ideas, and travel stories. 

Etsy: I can't even list all of the random, beautiful, customized products I've gotten on this site. It's everything kitschy and cool. Go shop your heart out. :)

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