Thursday, February 6, 2014

No Spend February

You know how people restrict their calories the day after a binge eat? Well I'm doing that, but with money, after a ridiculous shopoholic January. We are saving up for a house this fall, so this needs to be done now before it's too late. I need to remind myself now to live frugally again.

My rules:

1. Buying things necessary for life is acceptable. (Excessive eating out is not included in the necessary column! :) 
This includes 
-gasoline (and other necessaries for your car)
-food (including dog food)
-rent etc.

2. Also acceptable are gifts for Valentine's and birthdays. 

3. No clothes, accessories, or makeup shopping. Any purchase that seems absolutely necessary gets written down for review in March. I'm sure when I glance through the list most items I will have changed my mind about. 

4. Based on the above statements I think I better make it a rule for myself to just not shop. I'm doubting my abilities to resist! 
I think that this should help me use up some of the things I've got at home like lotions and hair products. I really need to start downsizing in anticipation of moving out. 

Happy February! 

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