Thursday, April 9, 2020

Recent Reads: Early 2020

As a veracious reader, hearing what other books people are picking up is a great way for me to find new things to add to my list.
So here is what I have read recently. Note- some of these have not reached their publication date. Keep an eye out but if you are forgetful like me, preorder them or add them to your "want to read list" on Goodreads.


The Dilemma by BA Paris
I have read nearly every book that BA Paris has written. Her thriller Behind Closed Doors legitimately messed me up. But if that intensity isn't your thing, don't worry, this one isn't so... scary or horrifying but it was still SO good and such a page turner. The story centers around an everyday sort of family that is getting ready to celebrate their mom's birthday and go to the big party she has planned. As it approaches a lot of secrets come out. It is not the typical cheating secrets either- just throwing that out there. I wish I could sort of tell you each secret that the family knows, but they unfold so gradually and naturally you'll want to find out during the novel. Watching the family weather the many storms brought by these secrets was fascinating. Definitely recommend this one. Publishing date: June 30th 2020

Masquerade at Middlecrest Abbey by Abigail Wilson
I love romance novels. Historical romances especially make me smile. I liked this one! In it, Lord Torrington is spying for the crown when he ambushes the wrong carriage... or so he thinks. To cover his mistake he tells the people on the scene that the woman onboard is his fiance. For reasons of her own, Elizabeth go alongs with the charade to protect the parentage and future of her young son. When someone is murdered right under their noses, Torrington realizes that perhaps it wasn't the wrong carriage after all, and a traitor is in their midsts. Combining romance and intrigue creates one of my favorite types of books. This one hits stores on May 26th!


What it Seems by Emily Bleeker
I have a read a few novels by this author and she sticks to the thriller genre, so you'll like her if you're into that genre. While it definitely kept my attention the whole time, I'd say this novel was a little more strange than the other two I have read and I was a little disappointed by the rushed ending. There were so many subplots and character relationships developing that I felt like just sort of ended abruptly. I am not one that is usually successful at guessing the ending, but I totally knew where this one was heading. I'd say "The Waiting Room" is my favorite from this author, so I would start with that one!

Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng
I had seen this book a lot, so when it appeared at my local thrift store, I nabbed it. It was quite a curious book. Not one that I liked or disliked. It follows the apparent suicide of a teen and her family learning to cope with it. Twists are almost always to be expected in books, and this one is no different. The twist made me sad though, and made me probably dislike the book more than I liked it. I know her other novel, Little Fires Everywhere, is now a series on Hulu so I'm thinking of watching that next!

City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert
I thought this was a fun read. Very "tell all" feel of a world you would never know about otherwise: The glitz and glam of the roaring 20s in New York. The main character's name is Vivian, which as the mother of a 2 year old Vivian is hard... she was kind of naughty... and caused quite a scandal, so you get it. Ha! But overall I enjoyed it and would recommend it if you enjoy the occasional frivolous novel with fun history.

Verity by Coleen Hoover
This was on my list from some bloggers' recommendations and it was a pretty intense novel... maybe too intense for me. I ripped through the pages easily because it's so gripping but it was a bit disturbing (especially for moms) and I can see how some people would be icked out by it. The premise is a recluse author is offered a lot of money to finish the novels of a famous author who was in an accident. She needs the money so off she goes to do the research to finish the series. She stays at the house with the incapacitated author, her husband, and young son. But soon she sees the supposed invalid up and moving... the end is a twist and I'm dying to discuss it with anyone who has a strong enough stomach to read it. ha!

xoxo, Love.Haight

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