Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Little Projects — Big Results

It seems like we’ll be in our homes for the foreseeable future, I’ve rounded up a little list of projects you can do around your home that will have a great impact in your space!

1. Alphabetize your Spices
This was a 10 minute project that completely simplified my cooking!! No more hunting around for the spice, I know generally where it’s at. And I know it’ll just get easier as I start memorizing where they are located.

2. Match your Tupperware and Lids
Once everything is together, downsize the mismatched stuff, and prepare to be amazed at how easy breezy your Tupperware area will be from now on!

3. Try on all your ____
I’d recommend jeans, or sweaters, tops, or dresses. If you hate it on your body, or wouldn’t purchase it again, or the idea of wearing it makes you feel depressed, get rid of it. As the space is left with only your favorites, you’ll love the inspiration you get from your curated closet.

4. Recipe List
Make a list of all your favorite meals to make. This simplifies dinner planning during the week. I recommend categorizing into hamburger, pork, chicken, noodle, seafood, steak etc so you can pick from a few categories and keep things fresh. If you’re sick of your current rotation don’t be afraid to try a few new meals!
Two new recipes I’ve loved lately:
Creamy Shrimp snd Zucchini
Butter Garlic chicken bites with Asparagus

5. Categorization
Pick an area that is stressing you out- bathroom products, your cleaning supplies etc. Get into that closet or cabinet and organize all your things by type. Once they are grouped, store they together. If you find you have a ridiculous amount of something, feel free to purge!

6. Color Coordinate
Whether it’s a bookshelf, toys, phone apps, or a closet- organizing by ROYGBIV is pleasing to the eye and easy on the mind. It also helps you find things! (Because we typically think visually in color.) While there’s no guarantees it’ll stay that way if you have little helpers, you’d be surprised how fast they can pick up on sorting by color!

7. Clean the catch all
The catch all closet, bench, or table near your doorway is so easy to get absolutely overwhelmed with stuff. But the fact that it is what greets you everyday when you arrive makes it worthwhile to declutter and clean it.

8. Rearrange a decorative space
While you’re hanging out at home- do a little bit of rearranging (not the furniture... unless that’s you’re thing- then go for it!) find a bookshelf, a sideboard, your mantle- wherever you display things. Change it up, make it fresh. Your eyes will thank you for a break in the monotony!

xoxo, Love.Haight

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