Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Tuesday Tip- A Cheap and Easy Meal Rotation Option

I have found that planning my weekly meals has definitely saved me a lot of money over the years because I waste a lot less food, and I don't buy things I don't need as often. (Oreos still make it into the cart more often than I care to admit! ;)

One of the most cost effective things to buy once or twice a month for my weekly meal rotation is a rotisserie chicken. For a small family like mine (my husband, me, and one toddler) a $7 rotisserie chicken will provide the protein for 2 meals AND create a chicken broth to use as a base for a soup. (Which A. will make your soup tastes better and B. saves you $1 to $2 when you don't have to buy a box of chicken stock!)

Here are a few easy ideas of how to use your rotisserie chicken up before making your stock!

1. Put over a salad.
2. As is with a vegetable side or mashed potatoes.
3. Sheet pan nachos! (Cover a pan with chips then rotisserie chicken, black beans, corn, jalapenos, and cheese! Bake until everything is melty and warm!)
4. Chicken Alfredo. (Make your favorite noodles, THIS alfredo sauce, and then throw in some chicken and frozen broccoli if you want!)
5. Chicken Salad sandwiches. (Shredded chicken, mayo/miracle whip, granny smith apple, celery, grapes etc. Serve over bread or crackers!)
6. Chicken noodle soup - yum.

Once your done with the chicken, throw the carcass into a pot with water and boil into a stock. Then use that stock in soups or sauces that call for it. My favorite is this carrot and ginger soup!

xoxo, Love.Haight

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