Thursday, February 6, 2020

Girly Midi Skirt -5 Ways

 One of the things I'm trying to adhere to this year is not to buy something unless I have at least 3 ways or places to wear it. I saw a blogger say this and thought it was really helpful. I thought it would be fun to pull a piece out of my closet and show you a few different options for how I might wear it. This specific post was inspired by a friend who had a beautiful midi skirt but didn't know how to wear it.

Look 1: Feminine
Pairing this feminine skirt with this flowy white blouse (really a bodysuit) keeps things super girly and a bit fancier.

Look 2: Casual
I love a striped tee with just about anything. I love the juxtaposition of pretty with relaxed. It seems effortless somehow! It might not be for everyone but I like it.

3. Simple
Wearing a solid color tank is such a simple look and easy outfit. It looks a bit like a dress honestly!

4. Layered
I like the casualness of the jean jacket with the uber dressy skirt. This would be an awesome spring outfit as it finally gets warmer, but you still need some warmth.

5. Sweater
This is definitely a look that has been trending around the 'gram. A little trick I've learned is to tuck the sweater into the bottom of your bra instead of the skirt so there no lumps. haha!

Do you enjoy this kind of post? What else should I style?
xoxo, Love.Haight

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